Pearson’s Pursuit Of Efficacy

Career College Central summary:

  • Pearson will spend the next five years developing a framework to measure and publicly report its products’ efficacy and impact on learning outcomes, the education giant announced on Friday. Although its road map is incomplete today, Pearson says its push for efficacy will in in a few years permeate every way in which the company does business.
  • Beginning in 2018, Pearson will publish a report that will eventually track student learning outcomes across all its markets and products — from its MyMathLab software to its investments in South African higher education. How the company will reach that goal, however, is less clear.
  • Pearson CEO John Fallon acknowledged that Friday’s announcement represents “Efficacy 1.0.” He said the first reports may only cover some of Pearson’s investments, as the company explores how it will measure the effects of its $8 billion enterprise. "We’re saying it will take us a few years to get there, but to make a commitment that, within five years, we will be reporting in a externally auditable way on the impact we have on learning outcomes around the world in as rigorous a way as we report on our financial performance is a profound commitment,” CEO John Fallon said.
  • Higher education consultants commended Pearson for making efficacy a core concept of its restructuring process. The company is in the middle of a $225 million reorganization to target digital learning and emerging markets.

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