Penn Foster High School Helps Students Without A High School Diploma Succeed

Penn Foster, Inc., a global leader in online education with over 150,000 students, today announces a solution for institutions interested in matriculating students who do not yet have a high school diploma and are interested in post-secondary education. With the dissolution of the Ability-to-Benefit program, thousands of students are not able to pursue higher education and Penn Foster High School is providing the opportunity for these students to obtain their diploma and succeed.

“We want students and our school partners to know that, although Ability-to-Benefit is no longer available, Penn Foster provides an answer to achieving higher education,” said Peter Ockerbloom, Penn Foster senior vice president of global client management. “One school told us they turn away an average of 10 students a week; these are students that could benefit from the Penn Foster High School program if integrated with their institution.”

Penn Foster is committed to providing access to education for those students who need it most. A diploma from Penn Foster High School can be earned in as little as three months, depending on how many credits the incoming student has from any previous schooling. The courses are self-paced and online so students can study on their own time and work at their own pace. Penn Foster High School is regionally accredited which is the most respected form of accreditation that a school can earn. It is the same type of accreditation granted to some of America's most prestigious schools, and Penn Foster High School is one of a small group of online schools to achieve this same recognition.

In addition, Penn Foster has more than 40 years of experience working with institutional partners. Partnering schools can elect to co-brand Penn Foster's learning management system and allow students to work in a lab setting at their school and electives can be customized to better prepare students for the career training they will complete in the future.

About Penn Foster
Penn Foster is a global leader in online education, providing high school diplomas, career-focused degree and vocational programs in the fields of allied health, business, technology, education, and select trades. Penn Foster has a rich history in distance learning, tracing back to their roots as the International Correspondence School in 1890. The institution today, comprised of Penn Foster High School, the largest high school in the United States; Penn Foster College and Penn Foster Career School, graduates 25,000 annually, and has always been dedicated to educating and training America's working population.


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