Performance Funding In Job Training

Career College Central summary:

  • Opportunity Nation, a nonprofit group that produces a national index on economic opportunity, has joined two U.S. senators in a push to encourage closer ties between employers and colleges, particularly two-year institutions.
  • The group has endorsed a bill from Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat from Colorado, and Sen. Bob Portman, an Ohio Republican. That legislation seeks a better return on investment for the $15 billion the federal government spends on 46 different job training programs each year, Portman said at an event Opportunity Nation held here on Tuesday. “We’d like to consolidate some of those programs,” he said, arguing that there is overlap in almost all federal job training efforts.
  • Those funding streams include several that are important to community colleges, including the Workforce Investment Act and the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act.
  • The proposed legislation probably wouldn’t cut funding for higher education, however. That’s because the two senators give two-year colleges and other career-focused institutions “priority access” to dollars for job training in the legislation, which is dubbed the Careers Through Responsive, Efficient and Effective Retraining (CAREER) Act.

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