Pinnacle Career Institute Students Harness the Power of the Sun and Receive a True Hands-On Educational Experience

Pinnacle Career Institute — North Kansas City’s Wind Turbine Technician program focuses on wind turbines, but it was the sun that provided a true hands-on educational experience.

Mark Lee, a Turbine Technician/Safety Instructor at Pinnacle Career Institute — North Kansas City, led a small group of students in assembling a low-cost solar kit. It only took about 20 minutes for the class to assemble, but the hands-on experience of assembling the solar panels, regular and inverter was truly educational.

"I told my class, ‘I can tell you about it. I can draw it for you,’" said Lee. "But there’s no replacing the hands-on experience and seeing the technology work."

It worked indeed. Even though this was an evening class with daylight fading, the 750-watt inverter harnessed enough energy from the sun to power a 200-watt light bulb.

Lee plans to continue bringing other alternative energy hands-on projects to his classes. It’s all about preparing students for future careers.

“I told my students that they might find a side job installing solar kits and wind turbines actually dependent on solar energy,” said Lee.

Two of Lee’s students will head to Sweetwater, Texas in the next two weeks for the Wind Turbine Boot Camp – an immersive week of hands-on instruction on wind turbines.  

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