Placement Verifiers Serves Sector’s Regulatory Reporting Needs

A new company, Placement Verifiers, formulated to serve the regulatory reporting needs of the for-profit education industry, began operations in early 2012.

For-profit education institutions are required by regulatory bodies to record and verify the status of job placement records of students that have graduated after completing their education. This process is currently a function of the institution and reported annually to accreditation agencies.

Company Founder and President, Shawn Whisenhant said, “We became aware that accreditors are placing additional scrutiny on job placement verifications, and brainstormed on how additional quality and integrity could be brought to the equation. Placement Verifiers was the solution.

“Placement Verifiers was created to be a partner and a resource to schools to enhance this regulatory requirement. We will verify the job placement information on each graduate as required by accreditors by contacting each employment partner, completing the verification survey, analyzing data and reporting the results to our clients."

Medtech President and CEO John Hopkins said, "Regulatory demands are a central part of the postsecondary sector. At Medtech, we look for genuine transparency in regulatory outcomes and in creating an authentic distinction around regulatory excellence, while meeting the myriad of regulatory requirements. We recognized the need to be proactive with an independent service such as Placement Verifiers who provides the highest level of job placement verification. Placement Verifiers also functions as our strategic partner because they creatively collect data analyzing our trends regarding placement, employer trends, employer satisfaction with our graduates and more. Data is custom analyzed specific to our business and in turn allows us to modify processes to meet the needs of graduates and prospective employers."

Placement Verifiers has created a unique process adding value, credibility and reliability to the employment information provided to our school clients.  In addition, Placement Verifiers is an unbiased third party, bringing added value to the job verification process thus reducing or eliminating the potential risk of fraud and misrepresentation of placement data.

Whisenhant has over 24 years of business-to-business sales & service experience.  Having spent the majority of his career in the financial services industry, he was exposed to the need to satisfy existing and ever evolving regulatory pressures.  This is why he is sensitive to the evolution of regulation in the for-profit education industry.  Whisenhant understands the importance of building relationships based on integrity, reliability and exceptional customer service.

In addition to his professional experience, Whisenhant is an active civic leader. Over the years he has held leadership roles in Palm Beach county Florida with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Rotary International, Chambers of Commerce and the March of Dimes. He currently serves on the Marketing Committee for the Anti-Prejudice Consortium of Atlanta. Now, as the founder of Placement Verifiers, he is contributing his considerable experience, leadership and talent to serve the needs of the for-profit education industry.

Whisenhant recognizes the "value proposition" of the education industry has shifted and in order to meet the expectations of today's students, accreditors and shareholders, for-profit schools must have stellar regulatory outcomes. In today's regulatory environment, having audited job placement data including gainful employment verification is just as important as having audited financials.

"Placement Verifiers was founded to provide 'peace of mind' to school operators when preparing and submitting annual accreditation reports", said Whisenhant. "Our firm is designed to operate as a functional partner to the school's leadership teams by providing added confidence in the verification process."

To obtain additional information, contact:

Shawn Whisenhant at 678-310-3251

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Paul Ladnier

Your mom and dad are long time friends of Paul and Carol Ladnier in Ocala, FL. I’m an adjunct instructor (business & management). We wish you well.