PlattForm And Google Present Webinar: The State Of Education Marketing – Online Search

Google algorithm changes, rising costs-per-click, increased competition, more aggressive marketing tactics. These are only a few of the challenges education marketers face in today’s world of Online Search.

What was once an uncomplicated, effortless routine today takes effective strategy development and active research – it takes interactive marketing expertise. So how do you stay prepared, ahead of the game and successful?

PlattForm and Google present part two of the three-part series on The State of Education Marketing: Online Search. In this webinar, we’ll cover the current landscape and trends of both organic and paid search. And we’ll provide valuable insights into a vast array of topics, such as:

  • Google algorithm changes and their impact
  • Social media’s ever-changing role
  • Rising costs-per-click
  • Search supply
  • Mobile’s integral role
  • Digital media placement strategy
  • Online video
  • Future expectations and implications

This is a can’t-miss opportunity to propel your Search efforts forward.  Sign up today!


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