PlattForm Hosts Actionable Insights Webinar Series

With more than 20 years of experience in education marketing, PlattForm understands how to develop an effective marketing strategy that delivers results. Beginning Sept. 20, PlattForm will host a three-part webinar series focused on overall marketing strategy: defining goals, developing strategy and measuring results.

The webinar series, which you can attend for no cost, will take place at noon CST on the followings dates:

  • Sept. 20
  • Sept. 27
  • Oct. 4

Sign up for the webinar today!

By attending this series, you'll receive detailed, actionable information that will help you develop more effective, holistic marketing plans.

The series includes the following webinars:

  • It's All in the Mix – Using current trends and industry benchmarks, determine the most powerful, effective marketing mix for your school
  • Budget Building – Allocate your marketing dollars wisely with an accurate, realistic budget based on performance metrics
  • Measure and Optimize – Determine the effectiveness of campaigns and adjust strategy to achieve the best results possible
  • PlattForm will not be distributing the final presentation. To receive this valuable information, reserve your spot today.


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