PlattForm Presents “The State Of Education Marketing – Traditional Media”

Today's prospective students have more control than ever before. How and when they react and respond is up to them – and now, they have even more outlets in which to communicate. Because of this, their media habits are constantly changing.

But are your marketing efforts keeping up?

PlattForm will present, "The State of Education Marketing," from noon to 1 p.m. CDT on Thursday, May 31. In this three-part webinar series, PlattForm, Google and Nielsen, among others, will share powerful data that illustrates the impact of the changing marketing landscape, as well as provide actionable insights and next steps.

We've broken down this information-packed presentation into three distinct categories:

  • Traditional media
  • Online Search
  • Pay per lead

While the importance of TV to a successful, multi-channel marketing plan is still undisputed, it's evident that TV's place in education marketing plans has changed. The explosion of high-volume, low-cost Internet sources over the last decade have created intense competition for cross-channel marketing dollars. So where does TV fit in today's marketing mix? Join PlattForm and Nielsen as we delve into the state of traditional media marketing.


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