Post-9/11 Vets Face Special Employment Challenges

Lynn Neary speaks with Michael Haynie, executive director of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, about the unemployment picture for American veterans. Haynie says veterans from the post-9/11 generation have to overcome not only a tough economy but a special set of challenges, including physical and psychological traumas in war.

Retiring from military service can pose some unique challenges. One of the big ones is finding a job. For veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the unemployment rate is 11.1 percent. That's two and a half points higher than the overall unemployment rate.

Michael Haynie directs the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University. He also served in the Air Force. Haynie says many veterans looking for work are at a disadvantage.

DR. MICHAEL HAYNIE: We have not done a great job developing a robust transition program for those men and women, and providing them with the opportunity to prepare themselves for the civilian job market through simple things like training on how to write a resume, or understanding how their military skills can translate to a civilian job in a way that they can go ahead and articulate their value to a civilian employer.

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