Preventing Separate And Unequal

Attention (please), all 11 million community college students and 1,200 community college presidents.  (I am screaming here.)  Where are you?  The Century Foundation started a revolution -– for all of you.

This revolution comes in The Report of the Century Foundation Task Force on Preventing Community Colleges from Becoming Separate and Unequal, released last Thursday in Washington, D.C.  Revolution? Yes. Now, you, 11 million students and1,100 presidents, need to revolt.

In a-dream-I-have come true, the Century Foundation report offers not only a policy path to righting the disgraceful inequities of community college funding but also a litigation strategy from the civil rights attorney John Brittain. (Disclaimer: I met Brittan in the 1990s, when I was on a Connecticut school board while he was successfully litigating Sheff versus O’Neill, one of the first cases to equalize K-12 funding beyond local property taxes. Brittain is a hero of mine.)

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