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Career College Central summary:

  • James Moore of The Huffington Post blog profiled Michael Clifford, Chairman of SignificantFederation.
  • Moore writes "for-profit and online universities have begun to proliferate across the American landscape, and the Internet. They prompt questions that challenge traditional thinking about public institutions like state universities, community colleges, and even private colleges. Analysts often suggest that profit margins, essential to please shareholders, will force a cost cutting that affects quality but increases revenue. Almost everyone, however, acknowledges the old models are no longer adequate to meet educational demands. But Michael Clifford is optimistic about a transition that he is helping to facilitate."
  • Moore quotes Clifford: "The future of higher education in America is very positive," Clifford said. "Because there is a generation currently under 35 years old that understands innovation, especially in technology, with a true passion of reaching the world with high quality academic opportunities."

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