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Andrew S. Rosen takes the long view when talking about higher education. As CEO of Kaplan, Inc., he often defends the role of for-profit colleges in an evolving marketplace, peppering versions of his stump speech with tales about the creation of public universities and community colleges. His point is that some skepticism about for-profits is similar to the snobbery those older sectors faced from elite private higher education.

Rosen goes further in his debut book, Rebooting for the New Talent Economy, which attempts to paint a picture of higher education's future as well as its history. He also takes a turn as a journalist of sorts – an interesting twist for the former staff attorney for The Washington Post – writing about his campus visits to other institutions, a couple of which are Kaplan competitors.

The book is ambitious in its scope, particularly for an author with obvious vested interests. But most reviewers have given Rosen high marks. Kirkus Reviews writes: "Incredibly, his argument never comes off as self-serving; the author’s thorough exploration of 'Harvard Envy' and the rise of 'resort' campuses is both fascinating and enlightening."

Rosen recently answered questions over e-mail about his book, which was released by Kaplan Publishing.

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