Report: Higher Ed Leaving Poor Students In The Dust

Career College Central Summary:

  • A New America analysis of the net price of colleges — tuition and fees minus grants and scholarships — shows that hundreds of schools expect the families of low-income students to pay half of their yearly earnings to send their child to college.
  • The U.S. News & World Report college rankings are really taking it on the chin this week.
  • New America points to the examples of Baylor University and Northeastern University doing everything they can to climb in the rankings — and doing so at the expense of poor students — and it criticizes the overall trend of colleges and universities doing the same thing.
  • Evidence suggests that colleges and universities are playing a “shell game” by using federal Pell Grants to replace their own financial need scholarships and shifting that money to attract wealthier students, which helps them advance in college rankings.
  • The report also includes its own lists, categorizing higher ed institutions across spectrums by how many Pell Grant students they enroll and how affordable their programs are for low-income students.

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