Report: Higher Education Leads To Higher Salary

Today, the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) is releasing a report with the numbers to prove that a college education dramatically increases the chances of a higher salary. The report, The Economic Benefit of Postsecondary Degrees: A State and National Level Analysis, was conducted by the State Policy Resource Center (SPRC). Another important finding in the report is that salaries tend to rise with each level of education attained.

The numbers prove these statements. According to the report, a high school graduate in America will earn an average of $29,423 per year. A person with an associate’s degree can hope to earn a salary of approximately $38,607. A bachelor’s degree can earn the holder about $50,360, and a graduate degree can bring in a salary of around $68,064.

The data in the report were gathered over five years, from 2005-2010. Seven college discipline categories are listed so that states can compare information. Some differences exist between degree levels and disciplines in various states. The numbers can provide states with valuable data relating to their economic standings. State-level reports will be available in the near future (personal communication).

This report is important for those interested in a college degree and for education administrators and policymakers throughout the United States. State-level higher education professionals can use the data to make decisions and steer their education organizations. States can also compare information and correct weak areas.


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