Reversing The Black Male College Drop-Out Crisis

Career College Central summary:

  • According to a 2011 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation report, 45% of black men over the age of 25 have attended college. Unfortunately, the rate at which these men go on to graduate from college is dismal. Only 16% earned four-year degrees.   
  • Millions of black men across the country began college this fall.  The degree aspirations of many of these men, however, are statistically likely to meet the same fate as the proverbial raisin in the sun. There are five key factors that, if addressed, can shift this dangerous trend.
  • 1) All public high schools must make the minimum necessities for college entrance and success readily available.
  • 2) Colleges and universities must make creative environmental enhancements to support the matriculation needs of all students.
  • 3) Educators must identify and filter out their preconceived notions and expectations of Black boys.
  • 4) We must increase black male access to top-tier universities.
  • 5) Colleges, universities and the US Department of Education must increase access to affordable tuition options and improve student loan options.

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