Revolving Door

In the tug of war over the future of for-profit higher education, the corporate institutions have been pulling on many fronts to change the minds of skeptics and naysayers, and to show that despite the difference in their tax status, the colleges are not all that different from nonprofit colleges on the issues that matter most to students and the nation.

One way to cement the positive similarities, for-profit colleges and their parent companies are finding, is to hire people with years of nonprofit higher education experience and solid reputations for similar positions at their institutions.

On Monday, Diane Auer Jones, who spent nine months as U.S. assistant secretary for postsecondary education at the end of George W. Bush’s presidency, started a new job as Career Education Corp.’s vice president of external and regulatory affairs. Though for-profit colleges have been vilified by some in nonprofit higher education, Jones said she is not crossing over to the other side, but rather taking on a role at an institution she believes in.

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