Rising Costs Push Students To Tech College

Career College Central summary:

  • The Washington, DC-based College Savings Foundation's fifth annual How Youth Plan to Fund College survey of high school students has found that a significant number say they're open to the idea of attending community colleges and technical schools, rather than university.
  • "What this says is that some form of higher education is more important than ever. It just may take different forms," said Mary Morris, College Savings Foundation chairwoman. "I hope it means families are talking more, planning more, thinking about what their goals and resources are, and finding ways to make college education more affordable."
  • Cost continues to be a hot topic for families and students – a reality reinforced when President Barack Obama issued an executive order trying to ease loan-related stresses many face following graduation from college or other post-high school educational programs.
  • Obama signed an executive order that would allow millions of people to cap their monthly student loan payments at 10 per cent of their income, as well as reducing payments for others.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has reported that student loan debt has reached a new milestone, crossing the $US1.2 trillion ($A1.30 trillion) mark – $US1 trillion of that in federal student loan debt.

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