Scorecard For Scorecards

Career College Central summary:

  • On Monday, Complete College America and the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) released a report that tracks how states are moving forward with performance-based funding.
  • There is a huge range in the proportion of funding that states funnel toward performance formulas. Less than 1 percent of state support in Illinois comes with performance strings, while virtually all of Tennessee's support does. But the report said even those on the low end are headed toward 25 percent performance-based.
  • The new report builds on an earlier paper that sought to establish preferred principles for states to use while designing their performance-funding formulas. The new report updates and expands on those 16 strategies. It also includes score cards showing whether states are using them.
  • States get credit in the report for trying to design formulas that reward colleges for serving underrepresented student populations. That can help prevent gaming of the system.

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