Sign The Petition To Help Reinstate Ability To Benefit Status For Students

Below is a link to a petition currently being circulated to support the reinstatement of the Ability to Benefit provision for Title IV aid. This petition requires at least 100,000 signatures in the next 30 days.

All students deserve the right to recieve an education and to be treated fairly by our government. Where is the justice for ATB students? By denying Title IV to this population, we are forcing them to rely on social programs or turn to crime for a source of income. These social programs will cost the tax payers more money. The focus should be turning these students into taxpayers in order to contribute to society. Crime rates will rise and we already have overcrowded jails.

ATB students are people of America as well and have a right to a better future. Without an education they will not prosper. It is time to teach these students that they can succeed instead of hurting them more. America is known as the land of opportunity but yet we are taking away the only opportunity that these students have.

Here’s a link to the petition:


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