Silencing the Cynics

We at Career College Central are proud of what we do and who we serve. Earlier this week, we distributed a video highlighting the real risks of the DOE’s "gainful employment" initiative through a number of different outlets, including social media. Of the hundreds of people who have watched the video already, all but one have been 100% supportive. The following exchange happened yesterday on LinkedIn, and we found it humorous. Let this be a lesson to career college critics … when you flaunt your bias and lack of knowledge, it won’t go unnoticed or uncorrected.

"As usual the solution by proprietary career colleges to all challenges, difficulties and controversy is — More Advertising! Maybe actually addressing the issues would be a better long term goal? Unless of course the only metric is this quarter’s numbers."

"Ummm, this isn’t an ad. It is an expression of concern from the creative department of a marketing company. But if it is worth showing your myopic view and topical ignorance in order to be clever (weak effort by the way), have at it. "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt". Always wanted to use that line. Thank you for the perfect pass."

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