Single Mother Finds Success at Dawn Career Institute

Wilmington, Del. (Mar 8, 2010) — As a single mother, Kymi Wood knew that it was up to her to make a better life for herself and her daughter. But when she faced the death of a close family member and found herself homeless right after enrolling in Dawn Career Institute, she worried that her drive to succeed wouldn’t be enough. But thanks to the dedication, compassion and persistence of Dawn’s faculty and staff, Kymi graduated, earned her nationally accredited radiology certification through the Dental Assisting National Board, and is on her way to becoming a successful dental assistant.

When Wood decided to return to school, she promised herself that she would not choose the first option, but instead the best option, with the best benefits. The clear choice was Dawn Career Institute. At Dawn, she was able to complete a Dental Assistant program.

“As opposed to the other vocational schools,” Wood said, “I knew that Dawn was the only school that included radiology in its program, which could make for a better salary once I got into the field.”

Dawn Career Institute, located in Wilmington, Delaware, has helped thousands of students like Wood prepare for a new career or advance their positions in the healthcare, wellness and business fields. Dawn Career Institute helped Wood choose the education that was perfect for her lifestyle and personal growth, and supported her at every step along the journey.

“Besides the fact that Dawn’s student service coordinator helped me in every way possible, I also found a mentor in my program coordinator who would not let me give up,” Wood said. “I had never met an instructor before who really was not there just for a paycheck. Instead, she was there to help us become just as good as her. I had the opportunity to stay as long and often as I wanted if I felt like I was falling behind in the lessons or even just to talk to the one person that kept me motivated: my instructor.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for dental assistants are expected to be excellent through the year 2014. And for Dawn Career Institute graduates like Wood, opportunities may be even better.

“By choosing Dawn, I was able to receive the ever-so-tricky, nationally accredited radiology certification through the Dental Assisting National Board. It feels so great to know that when I went to shadow at a dental office, I was one of maybe two in the whole office that could say I was radiology certified. That alone could make me between two and three dollars more an hour than the rest,” Wood said.

Wood left Dawn Career Institute with so much more than the knowledge she needs to be a successful dental assistant. “I walked out with a great sense of pride knowing that someone like me finally did it. I finally made a future for myself and my daughter,” she said. “Please just know that if a girl like me can turn my life around with the help of everyone at Dawn Career Institute, it’s achievable for you, too.”

About Dawn Career Institute
Based in Wilmington, Del., Dawn Career Institute is a career education institution that provides graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to establish careers. With access to major employers throughout the mid-Atlantic, tri-state area, Dawn Career Institute offers programs in some of the nation’s fastest-growing career fields: healthcare, wellness and business. Dawn Career Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). For more information, visit Formerly known as Dawn Training Centre.

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