Snowboarding and Higher Education Make Great Partners

RENO, NEVADA, April 20, 2009 — Kimmy Fasani was not your average college student; not by a long shot. Becoming a professional snowboarder at the age of 21 is quite a feat, but combining that with earning a BS in Marketing through the University of Phoenix (UOPX) Northern Nevada campus while traveling the world for competitions, and you have the makings of quite an interesting young woman.

Fasani grew up in the Truckee, CA/North Lake Tahoe area and began competing in "Slopestyle" snowboarding when she was 16 years old, due to her love of adventure and the outdoor sporting life. With some reasonable success under her belt, she became a professional at the age of 21 and since has acquired an impressive list of sponsors, endorsements (DC), travel all around the world, competing in Japan, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

It was after Fasani had completed her AA degree at a local community college and was living in Mammoth Lakes, when her interest was peaked by several University of Phoenix online advertisements she had seen while surfing the net. Though she had considered taking a year off from completing her college education due to the demands of her travel schedule, it became clear that completing her BS degree on line and from any part of the world could be her new reality and opportunity to achieve her education goals.

"With my travel demands and time on the road, achieving my bachelor’s online was the only certainty for completing my degree which was so important to me, knowing that you cannot snowboard forever," stated Kimmy Fasani, professional snowboarder. "I completed my first course through the University of Phoenix while in New Zealand and Europe and the online conveniences were amazing, even though earning a degree like this takes tremendous dedication and commitment. What I learned though this program goes far beyond my monies’ worth. It’s changed my life and opened doors to my future."

While competing around the world and staring in snowboard films and magazines has secured Fasani a lucrative future, she’s very aware of the intense competition and the uncertainty that every professional athlete faces.

Fasani said, "With the experience and education I have achieved working in the sports world and by completing my degree, I am quite certain that I would later like to translate my successes into a job within the marketing and advertising world. With my degree, now I know this too can be a reality."

Next up for Fasani is a movie shoot in Jackson Hole, WY and then a visit back home to Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort for a week of publicity and competition.

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