State Funding Upturn

Career College Central summary:

  • As most states set their budgets for the 2014 fiscal year, public higher education fared better than it has in several years.
  • The American Association of State Colleges and Universities reported that 37 of the 48 states for which it had received information showed year-over-year increases in operating support for public colleges and universities, with an average gain of 3.1 percent over 2012. That compared to 30 states showing increases from fiscal 2012 to 2013, and just eight on the plus side from 2011 to 2012. These increases come as college enrollments in many states actually begin to slow — and that makes them more significant.
  • Particularly significant increases came in states such as Massachusetts (16.8 percent) and Washington (12 percent) where recent budgets have left public colleges struggling. (The positive picture is far from universal, of course; Louisiana subjected its public higher education system to yet another cut, of 17 percent, in 2014 and West Virginia and Wyoming imposed cuts of 5 percent or more.)

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