Stevens-Henager College Becomes A Nonprofit

Stevens-Henager College, which has 1,000 students in three Idaho locations, has become a nonprofit institution.

For most of its 100-plus years, the Utah-based school was a for-profit business. It opened a Boise location in 2004 that offers , and by 2011 was one of six for-profit schools operating in the Boise area. The college offers bachelor's and associate's degrees in business, health care, information technology and graphic arts.

Making the change, which took effect Jan. 1, allows the school to seek donations for scholarship programs it is expanding and to accept equipment donated for its schools, CEO Eric Juhlin told the Idaho Statesman.

Stevens-Henager also made the change to meet the long-term vision of its single shareholder, Carl Barney, who purchased Stevens-Henager about 15 years ago, Juhlin said.

The company made a profit in 2012, but Juhlin said it doesn't disclose earnings.

Students will see no immediate changes in operation at the Boise location at 1444 South Entertainment Avenue, he said.

Stevens-Henager has 20 campus locations in several Western states, although some schools have different names. Total student enrollment is 10,000.

Juhlin is also a board member for the Center for Excellence in Higher Education, the new name for Stevens-Henager Inc. The name of the college itself has not changed.


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