Students Going for Second Career Choice

Colleges are seeing an increase in students going back to school to find new careers.

And the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System announced a jump in enrollment of almost 4% over last year.

Laura Meyer is adding to her list of skills.

She hopes an expanded education will put her ahead of the class.

“It gives you a lot more options if you can’t get a job in certain things you can try another and go on,” she says.

But Meyer is not alone. 

"In my anatomy class, there’s all 30 and 40 year olds all going back to school,” says Meyer.

They’re all returning to class to change careers.

Many are barely hanging onto jobs, laid off or fired as a result of the recession.

The uncertainty has students seeking job security. 

Many second career students are going into fields with open positions.

For a lot of them, that’s the medical industry.

The workforce center tells us the science and medical fields rank first on a very short list. 

Social services ranks second because millions of people need help getting through the economic downturn.

Beyond those two, job placement experts say there are few bright spots. 

"I’m scared to go out there and search for places that actually want somebody,” says Meyer.

When the time comes, Meyer hopes her choice to go into the healthcare industry will pay off.

Rochester Community and Technical College says they’re also seeing a
strong enrollment in business management courses that focus on problem

Those courses train experts to help businesses to be more efficient in a bad economy.


Source KAAL-TV

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