Success Through Online Education

For some, its a matter of wanting to prove to themselves and their children that its never too late to chase you dreams. They’re doing it through online education.

Online education isn’t entirely new, but more and more people are choosing to take classes, or entire degree programs, through the internet. "They are busy with their home life, they’re busy trying to make a living for themselves. They still want to complete this goal they have," says Aimee Vander Feen of Globe University in Sioux Falls.

"I started my family early, so I wasn’t done with school when I had my first (child), so I wanted to go back and show my kids that I can do it," says Desarae smejkal, a Sioux Falls mother-of-five. Her kids are her motivation. "I have a lot of goals that I would like to prove to my children, that I can succeed and make a better life for them."

Smejkal has been learning the guitar the past four years, something she says is further proof that its never too late to try new thigns. It’s something she’d like to incorporate into her future once she has her degree. "I wouldn’t mind having my own recording studio or coffee house some day."

Vander Feen says its reasonable to set the same goals as someone who enrolls traditionally, on campus. "An associates degree in business is the same as an associates degree in the classroom." She says the same holds true for all online degrees. As for Smejkal, she just wants to keep sending a positive message to her children. "It’s never too late. Never too late to learn, you learn things every day.  (

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