Take 2 On For-Profit Earnings Study

Career College Central Summary:
  • The final results were corrected in a recent study comparing how for-profit and nonprofit colleges stack up in job market returns of their certificates and associate degrees. 
  • The National Bureau of Economic Research released both iterations of the study, which was written by Kevin Lang and Russell Weinstein, two professors of economics at Boston University. A “working” version of the research went live last summer. It found “large, statistically significant benefits from obtaining certificates/degrees from public and not-for-profit but not from for-profit institutions.”
  • However, researchers received feedback during the peer review process that led to revisions and improvements. The two economists tweaked their methodology and came to a different conclusion about the relative value of credentials earned at for-profits.
  • The paper now notes, “We find no statistically significant differential return to certificates or associates degrees between for-profits and not-for-profits."
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