Teach parents about career, tech ed

With the reality taking hold that Rochester School District graduates need to be better prepared for college and career, it’s good to see the bar is being raised on the quality of technical classes offered.

The district is applying for state certification of about a dozen programs, which verifies certain standards, such as having teachers certified in the field and getting input from local industry, labor and colleges.

Assuming certification is granted, the school board should make it a priority to track graduates to see how they use the skills they’ve learned. Another goal should be to educate parents about the vast array of opportunities offered.

After all, many parents may turn up their noses at what used to be called vocational education, which conjures up visions of grease monkeys working on cars. Instead, parents need to learn about "career and technical education," which covers the gamut from information technology to engineering to medicine.

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Democrat and Chronicle

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