Teachers Befriend Students on Social Networking Sites, But Some Creeped Out

Social networking Web sites started out as places for teenagers and college students to socialize. But the increasing number of adults – particularly teachers and school administrators -going online is making some young people uncomfortable.

What is "Creepy Treehouse?" Slang for how students feel creeped out by school teachers and college professors who are using Facebook and MySpace to interact with their students online. Education blogger Jared Stein defines it this way: "a place, physical or virtual (e.g. online), built by adults with the intention of luring in kids." The term derives from urban legends about sexual predators luring children into treehouses.

Why are some students creeped out? They believe the popular Web sites are meant for young people and not for uncool or even dangerous teachers. "Students can be creeped out or feel repulsed when a teacher uses Facebook to emulate what students are doing and go into their personal space," Mr. Stein said. "They’re inviting the students to accept them as a peer." Read full story. (The Dallas Morning News)

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