Tell Your Elected Officials How You Feel about Gainful Employment

For months now, career colleges have been attacked in the media and in Washington, D.C. Our schools have been unfairly made to symbolize all that’s wrong with America’s education system while taking a hit for issues that also impact traditional colleges and universities. This has been accomplished with a few student anecdotes and biased investigations.

The Department of Education’s proposed gainful employment rule has solely focused on career colleges, not on traditional colleges and universities. If passed, the rule could devastate the career college sector through the elimination of critical programs that are vital to the American workforce.

The best way to make an impact in Washington is to be vocal and to show up in numbers. And, this can be done at the local level. That’s why we’re asking all Title IV eligible career colleges to join us in supporting Career Education Week. We’re asking schools to contact their members of Congress and set up student, faculty and administrator meetings with lawmakers and staff at their local offices from Oct. 19-21.

What You Can Do

  • In the coming weeks, your school will receive a special edition of Career College Central called “What’s At Risk?” This issue presents the stories of more than 100 career college graduates who have gone on to promising careers in fields related to their career training. We believe this magazine can help you make an impact with members of Congress at the local level.
  • Congress will be on break in late October. We’d like you to contact your local members of Congress to discuss your feelings about gainful employment and take along some copies of the magazine to share with the elected officials. To maximize the impact of your visit, you can invite graduates, students and instructors to attend as well.
  • With thousands of career colleges across the nation setting up meetings with their elected officials – and passing along copies of Career College Central – Congress will hear our voices loud and clear! They’ll understand the benefit of attending career colleges straight from the voices of the people who know them best: you and your students!

The perceptions of the career college sector are being shaped by people who know little about the schools or what they do. They would limit postsecondary choice, hurt jobs, and shrink opportunities for career growth and economic development. Let’s show them we can yell louder!

Career colleges serve a vital function in higher education today and in society overall. They are a critical part of the postsecondary equation for 3.2 million students, making access to education a possibility for hard-working students seeking to improve their lives and career prospects.

Join us in standing up for them during Career Education Week. Contact your local member of Congress today.

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