Textbooks Need Not be So Expensive

What does it say when 70 percent of college students have skipped buying a textbook?

That students have been pushed to the breaking point by skyrocketing prices, according to Rich Williams, a higher-education advocate with U.S. Public Interest Research Group, a nonprofit consumer-advocacy organization.

PIRG is responsible for the alarming new survey results that reinforce the need for more affordable higher-education solutions.

Tuition inflation has increased at a faster rate than costs of most goods and services, even housing, health care and energy, PIRG points out.

Eighty-one percent of all students also reported being negatively affected when a publisher releases a new edition of a certain textbook, eliminating the resale value of their used text, or preventing them from buying a used textbook.

No wonder 78 percent of the surveyed students expect to perform worse in that class, even though some borrowed or shared the textbook.

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