THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION: Average Debt at Graduation Rises Again

Career College Central Summary:

  • Findings:

    • Average debt at graduation rose to $28,400 in 2013 for the 69 percent of bachelor’s-degree recipients at public and private nonprofit four-year colleges who borrowed.
    • That’s a 2-percent increase for this group of graduates, compared with their counterparts in the Class of 2012.
    • The report includes only graduates of public and private nonprofit colleges, many of which voluntarily report debt levels. Last year’s report also included graduates of for-profit colleges because it was based on government data that come out only every four years or so. As a result, the overall debt figures in the two reports can’t be compared.
  • Bottom Line: Average debt at graduation continues to rise. But the infrequency of federal data on debt levels makes the picture incomplete.

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