The Dues and Don’ts of Obama’s Attack on Career Colleges

Career College Central Summary:

  • Kerri Toloczko, a senior fellow at Frontiers of Freedom writes in this op-ed:
  • The first sin committed by these institutions that anti-private sector Obama regulators find offensive is they are for-profit enterprises.
  • Their second offense – and an affront to President Obama’s stated position of “rewarding our friends”- is they hire non-union instructors.
  • Career college demographics make their importance clear. They have already graduated four million students with professional certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Eighty percent of enrollees are mature students without parental support; many have jobs. Fifty-two percent have children, a stark contrast to 28% of traditional post-secondary students.
  • Career colleges serve more women than traditional schools. Two thirds of students are minorities. More than 325,000 military families (28%) use GI Bills at for-profit colleges, often to certify skills learned during service, turning them into employment opportunities.
  • Based on socio-economic profiles, most students require federal financial aid, and “Gainful Employment” is the Administration’s threat to withhold this critical assistance. Restrictions tie aid for current students to the ability of former students to find jobs and repay student debt at levels arbitrarily determined by the Administration in the worst jobs economy since Herbert Hoover.

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