The Gainful Employment Video

We’ve written extensively about the Department of Education’s misguided gainful employment rule since it first became a possibility for career education. We’ve spoken out in blog posts, through public comments addressed to the DOE, by pointed letters to elected officials, and we asked for your help in putting together a special edition of our magazine to tell the stories of successful graduates and the employers that hire them. Now, we’re speaking out in a different way.

Please take a few minutes to watch the following video which we believe powerfully and succinctly explains the real risk of gainful employment. We encourage you to forward it to anyone you think will care about this issue, whether they are part of the career education sector or not. Please forward it to your elected officials in Washington or your representatives closer to home. And please don’t forget to send it to employers that you feel might be negatively impacted by gainful employment.

We’re continuing to fight the gainful employment battle. We believe the next step is educating the American people about the real risks. Let them see for themselves how our nation will be impacted and what a mistake this rule truly is.

Watch the video here.

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