The Government’s New List

Career College Central summary:

  • Under pressure from some victims’ advocates and lawmakers, the U.S. Department of Education on Thursday published a comprehensive list of the colleges and universities the agency is investigating for how they handle sexual harassment and assault complaints. The department took the unprecedented step of publicly naming all 55 institutions that investigators are probing to see whether their approach to sexual assault and harassment complies with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which requires gender equity in education.
  • “We are making this list available in an effort to bring more transparency to our enforcement work and to foster better public awareness of civil rights,” Catherine E. Lhamon, the assistant education secretary for civil rights, said in a written statement. “We hope this increased transparency will spur community dialogue about this important issue.”
  • Lhamon also noted that an institution’s inclusion on the list “in no way indicates at this stage that the college or university is violating or has violated the law.” The list spans a wide range of types of institutions, including elite research universities, public universities, small liberal arts colleges, and a community college. Some of the investigations have been previously reported in the press, but others were disclosed for the first time.

Click through to see the list of colleges under investigation.


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