The harsh truth: US colleges are businesses, and student loans pay the bills

Career College Central Summary:

  • On 8 May 2013, Cooper Union students calmly walked into the president’s office and took up their residence.
  • They did not leave for the next 65 days.
  • The months-long sit-in, which is sometimes referred to as Occupy Cooper Union, was staged to protest the school’s decision to impose tuition – something the school had never done since its founding in 1895.
  • This fall, for the first time since the arts and engineering school was established, its students will have to cover a portion of their tuition on their own.
  • Here’s the harsh truth: colleges are a business.
  • Andrew Rossi, best known for the journalism documentary Page One, has written, directed and produced a new documentary on the increasing prominence of capitalist management principles at US colleges and universities.
  • Cooper Union’s decision to charge tuition and its consequences are at the heart of Ivory Tower, a documentary out on DVD on 30 September.
  • Ivory Tower takes a look at universities and their transformation from providers of education to business ventures that strive to be the biggest and the best providers of the “college experience”.

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