The Importance of Learning Environment in Employee Training

Employees learn better in a non-intimidating environment where they don’t feel like they are being picked on.

Here is a common situation. Many career college operators provide ongoing training for their admissions staff. When a director of admissions or a corporate VP of admissions provides the training, the effectiveness of the training may be seriously compromised. The reps who need the training the most may start the training already in a defensive mode. And, they may see many of the learning examples and scenarios as being directed to them.

This creates an atmosphere which is not conductive to learning. Managers and supervisors are critical in the training process. They are the ones who can help to transfer the training to the workplace. But to create a comfortable learning environment, it’s best to leave the delivery of the training to a skilled facilitator who is not directly involved in employee performance evaluations.

Perception is reality! Don’t underestimate the importance of perception if you want to get results from your training programs. After all, results are what matter.

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