The Rubber Hits The Pavement At The WyoTech Car Show

Walking around the 12th annual WyoTech Car Show, Sammy Martinez saw just how much his and the work of his peers in organizing the event had paid off.

The only things brighter than the chrome were the smiles on most everyone’s faces.

“It feels good,” Martinez, who plans to be a diesel equipment mechanic after graduating in August, said. “Seeing all the locals and what (automobiles) they have, and seeing all the people having a good time and enjoying their Saturday.”

Roughly 150 cars, trucks, motorcycles and more were on display at the WyoTech Laramie campus Saturday for an event that’s become a tradition for students and automotive aficionados from around the region. WyoTech Student Services Coordinator Jessica Nape said that while safety inspections of the autos are conducted by the National Street Rod Association, students direct and organize about “95 percent” of the entire event.

“The students do an amazing job with this. It really is cool seeing them take ownership of this car show that they’re putting on,” she said.
The car show is one of the WyoTech Student Activities Council’s largest fundraisers throughout the year. Money from registration, T-shirt sales and more will be used to support student activities and volunteerism throughout the year, Nape said.

“A big chunk of it goes to the food pantry that we have here for students,” she said. “A good example of how we use that is the collaboration we just did with the Forest Service (cleaning up campgrounds in the Medicine Bow National Forest). We got lunch for the students who went out there and volunteered.”

For students, the opportunity to share their passion for everything automotive with the larger community is important, director of student services Kyle Morris said.

“The students love to hang out together in a setting like this, and they also love to hang out with all these other people who come from around the region,” he said. “It’s a really good chance for our students to kind of show off some of the stuff that they’re doing in class and some of the things that they’re learning and then compare that with some of the people out here who’ve been working on cars all of their lives and have some really amazing skills.”

Cars from Laramie, Nebraska, Colorado and more were on display Saturday.

“We were a little worried about the rain (Saturday) morning, but we’re pretty happy. It’s been kind of a late-arriving crowd, but we’re happy with the turnout,” Morris said.

This year’s show also featured the “WyoChopper,” created by Orange County Choppers with help from WyoTech students in Laramie and on other campuses, Morris said.

“We’re really excited about that. It’s an amazing bike and they just did great work on that,” he said.


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