The Truth About Career Colleges

The March 28 article about career colleges relied on plaintiff lawyers, competitors facing critical budget shortages and ill-informed staffing agencies to attack licensed colleges that educate over 300,000 Floridians.

Students were portrayed as naive and easily swayed by "sales pitches." The truth is that our students are intelligent, hard-working adults who choose our institutions because we deliver improved career opportunities.

Our programs cost about the same as public institutions. The difference is that our students pay the full cost because the state doesn’t subsidize our schools by 75 percent like public institutions.

Students are obligated to repay college loans — private or public. We help them put together funding plans that allow them to go to school while working and raising families, because education is the best investment.

It is irresponsible to call accreditors "less reputable." The U.S. Department of Education evaluates every accreditor, and Florida’s accredited institutions are authorized by law to participate in the Statewide Course Numbering System, Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid.

We are proud of our institutions and students. Many overcame incredible odds to graduate, and we will continue to celebrate that accomplishment with them.

Kathy Mizereck, executive director, Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges, and Harris N. Miller, CEO and president, Career College Association

Sun Sentinel

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