Thousands Enroll In Washington Online College

Career College Central summary:

  • Thousands of Washington residents are turning to the state's first nonprofit, online university to earn college degrees on their own schedule.
  • Since the Washington Legislature officially recognized Western Governors University in 2011, the number of students enrolling from this state has increased more than five-fold. About 5,300 state residents are currently enrolled in the online university. By partnering with WGU to create WGU Washington, the state Legislature ensured that the online school would be treated essentially as a Washington-based college, even though it is based in Salt Lake City.
  • The school offers bachelor's or master's degrees in four areas, including business, information technology, health care and teaching. The university takes a competency-based approach to education. A student must achieve "competency" in a subject before earning credit. There are no grades. The school says employers, who might wonder how to judge what a B or C student from other schools actually knows, can be confident that WGU graduates have mastered the skills they need for their fields.

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