Top Colleges Are Feeding The Rich And Keeping Out The Poor

Career College Central summary:

  • According to the Daily Meal’s rankings of the “60 Best Colleges for Food in America for 2013,” colleges across the US are staffing open-air kitchens with seasoned chefs and offering students Zagats-caliber dining experiences. Bowdoin College, in lobster-lousy Maine, came in first, followed by Washington University in St. Louis, which offers students sushi-rolling classes.
  • Bowdoin and Washington University also top the “best college” rankings. While Bowdoin ranks fourth on US News and World Report’s liberal arts college list, Washington University now ties Brown University at #14 on the national university rankings.
  • Almost all of Daily Meal’s entries score high in the US News and World Report’s rankings. For example, every single Ivy League school made the list. Perhaps heirloom tomatoes boost brainpower. But more importantly, the overlap suggests that  in their quest to lure full tuition-paying students, top colleges are locked in an amenities-spending arms race—in which catering to foodies, health nuts and gluten-shunners is a major theater of war.
  • Unforunately, in many cases, top schools are installing tandoori ovens at the same time as they’re imposing huge financial burdens on their poorest students—when they enroll at all.

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