Two New Colleges Reach Out to ‘Non-Traditional’ Students

Two new colleges are calling Macon home.

A University of Phoenix and Virginia College will both open this fall in Central Georgia.

Kendra Durham is excited about studying to become a Medical Assistant, and she is one of Virginia College’s first enrolled students.

"I’m on my way and ready to have fun," says Durham.

David Murray, President of Virginia College’s Macon campus, says their students come in knowing what they want to do.

"Our students come, they want to major in a major, earn that degree or that certificate and put it to work for themselves in that career field," says Murray.

The Vice President of Atlanta’s University of Phoenix campus, Michael Hearon, says their school reaches out to the non-traditional student.

"Our students are working adults that have the obligations of life that they’re juggling with while achieving their educational goals," says Hearon.

Both colleges say they chose sites that are easy for students to reach.

"I can just drive to school with no problem and drop my kids off at daycare and be like, ‘Okay, I’m at school, my kids are at daycare, I’m fine,’" says Durham.

Both colleges are currently enrolling students.

University of Phoenix hopes to start classes in early September.

Virginia College anticipates an October 6th first day of classes.

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