U.S. Office of Management and Budget Joins Biased Attack On Career College Sector

On May 18, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) held a meeting on gainful employment measures. In and of itself, this should have been no big deal. Sure, we know the metrics are still being discussed. But we’d hoped that they were being discussed by a fair, bipartisan group of qualified government figureheads.

Instead, the published list of attendees at the OMB meeting reads like a veritable "who’s who" of American for-profit education haters.

See the full list here

As an example: chief among participants were representatives from Campus Progress — an organization that has publicly and repeatedly bashed our sector. Yes, the masterminds behind the ‘Screw U’ campaign against for-profit colleges. Their organization holds zero credibility in a government arena and displays immeasurable amounts of bias. Even if their participation in the meeting could be justified (which I doubt), there was no effort made to balance their extreme position, as the majority of the other participants are known critics of the sector as well.

This blatant favoritism of the opposing side is offensive and disappointing, but not necessarily surprising. The government has been calling on … since this battle began, and shows no signs of trending toward the standard of balance or fairness that we (apparently naively) think they should be held to.

It is up to us to stay focused on our task at hand – to continue educating those who need it most, despite egregious prejudice. And don’t let decisions like this go unnoticed – share this meeting record with others who will understand what we’re up against. This is a systematic attack of our sector that is reaching into every branch of government and media, and it cannot be disregarded. 

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