Understanding the Millennial Student Part VI

Millennials in the workforce have gotten a bad reputation. The media portrays them as entitled, lazy children, unwilling to conform to traditional professional norms and satisfied with nothing less than a six-figure salary and high-profile position without paying their dues.

Various studies, however, have found this isn’t the case. When Barnes & Noble College surveyed more than 3,000 students at two- and four-year colleges across 44 states, it found that although other generations might “believe that all students are graduating with expectations of high-powered jobs and lucrative salaries, respondents in this survey indicated that personal fulfillment trumps money and status.” The “College Student Mindset for Career Preparation & Success” survey found that “feeling personally fulfilled with work” is the top indicator of success for students: 93 percent of two-year students, 92 percent of four-year freshmen, and 95 percent of four-year juniors and seniors rated personal fulfillment among their top two factors for success. These same students rated “public recognition” as the lowest indicator of success, with “desired title” and “meeting financial goals” rounding out the bottom of the list.


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