United States Postal Service and Ivy Bridge College Create Educational Alliance

Altius Education is happy to announce a new education alliance between Ivy Bridge College and the United States Postal Service (USPS). Thanks to the new alliance USPS employees can enroll in Ivy Bridge College's online education programs and earn a degree while they continue to work full-time.

"Working with corporations and other universities to expand access to higher education is a big part of Ivy Bridge College's mission," said Paul Freedman, Altius Education CEO. "USPS is very supportive of their employee's development and we're happy to become a part of their educational offerings."

In addition to their professional development and leadership programs, USPS offers its employees the opportunity to pursue an education by taking advantage of the company's education alliances. The newest alliance with Ivy Bridge College allows USPS employees to earn an associate degree online and take advantage of the school's vast partner network in order to seamlessly transfer to the four-year university of their choice.

“There are a lot of colleges that offer online courses,” said Freedman, “but one of the things that makes Ivy Bridge so unique is our emphasis on providing an effective and highly supported pathway to a bachelor’s degree.”

Founded in a joint venture agreement between Altius Education and Tiffin University in Ohio, Ivy Bridge College is a transfer university that provides students with the academic preparation, personal support, and university connections that help them gain entrance into a four-year bachelor’s degree program and be successful once they get there. Students start their degree path by enrolling in one of Ivy Bridge College’s online associate degree programs specially designed to facilitate easy transfer into a four-year institution. Then, after receiving their associate degree, students can either maximize their credit hours by enrolling in one of over 1,000 bachelor’s degree programs with Ivy Bridge’s partner institutions across the U.S., or they can take advantage of the college’s support services to apply for transfer to a program outside the network.

USPS employees enrolled in the program will enjoy all the services available to the Ivy Bridge College student body, including the mentorship and support provided by the college’s innovative success coaching program. In addition, employees who aren’t interested in a degree track can also enroll with Ivy Bridge College Extension and take single classes online for professional development.

“Our personal approach to higher education creates a way to learn from home that’s supportive and engaging,” said Freedman. “The program is a great fit for USPS employees who are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to pursue their education, and we’re happy to welcome them to our community.”

To learn more about Altius Education, Ivy Bridge College, or other corporate alliances contact Vincent Guerrieri at vincent(dot)guerrieri(at)altiused(dot)com or 415-762-1506.

About Altius Education
Altius Education is creating a new model for US higher education focused on student success. The company’s joint venture approach brings together the best of non-profit and for-profit institutions, creating a student-centric university ecosystem that guides students of all ages and backgrounds to positive outcomes. The foundation of this unique system is Ivy Bridge College, created in partnership with Tiffin University. Ivy Bridge is America’s transfer college, providing a direct path and support services for students to pursue an associate degree online, then transfer to one of over 100 public and private four-year partner institutions across the United States. Headquartered in San Francisco, with operations in Ohio, Altius is funded by Maveron, Spark Capital and Charles River Ventures.


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