University Grads Heading to College

When Shyla Young Price enrolled at the University of Alberta to study political science, her career plans were fuzzy.

"I’ve always wanted to have a hand in influencing the world around me, and I thought political science would help me do that," she says.

But when she graduated in 2003, she realized that launching a career would take more than a liberal arts degree. "I was so shocked when I got out of university and figured out I couldn’t actually do anything."

So, Young Price took a job as a library assistant, where she put her research skills to good use and for a while, she flirted with the idea of doing a master’s degree in information sciences. But it wasn’t a fit. "After a while, I was like, ‘This is not where I’m meant to be.’ "

Now, after researching her career options, Young Price is registered in a 10-month public relations diploma at Edmonton’s Grant MacEwan College. She’s been told that upon graduation, she’ll easily secure a job in the broad field of public relations — and she believes it. After completing an eight-week practicum, she’s confident she’ll have the skills to start her career. Read full story. (

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