University Of Arkansas System Board Approves New Online University

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  • The University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees took one giant leap forward last week when it approved the creation of a new online university, becoming the 18th school in the UA System. The vote was held during a board meeting held Thursday and Friday (March 21) at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith. The new online university, named the University of Arkansas eVersity, will cater to adult students who are unable to otherwise access a traditional college education.
  • “For many students, the optimum experience is to learn intensively under the mentorship of the exceptional faculty we have at each institution. However, for those students for which that is not possible, the eVersity will provide a much needed option,” Bobbitt said.
  • The proposal was made by Dr. Donald Bobbitt, president of the UA System, and his staff, as a response to a resolution passed by the board in November 2012 directing the system president to coordinate and expand online education in the system. With Bobbitt's proposal now approved, the next step in the process of establishing the school is planning academic governance through a consortium of existing UA System schools, according to a press release.
  • By establishing the eVersity, the UA System hopes to attract Arkansas students who may have turned to for-profit institutions to obtain their education. Another core group that will be targeted by the new school will be adult learners who may have obtained some college credit but have not yet completed their degrees.

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