Vocational Training on the Rise?

With the economy as it is, career education could be ready for a boom period.

Northland Career Center assistant director Dee Moore said the biggest challenge the economy’s downturn has forced on the center has been trying to wedge in more and more people wanting to start career training as soon as possible.

“It’s difficult for us to add students in the middle of a semester,” Moore said. “We’re fielding lots of calls for next fall and having lots of people visit, as are, I think, a lot of the training sites.

“We’ve talked to a lot of displaced workers who are just wanting to find employment.”

There’s the potential for the boom in career training interest to carry over into an economic upswing, if the lessons about diversifying career skills stick, Pinnacle Career Institute career services director Maggie Franz said.

“I think more people are finding the benefits within a career education due to the economy,” she said.

She said many workers have not understood that you can’t be indispensable on the job unless you have the proper education and the proper training and skills.

“That’s going to be an important message that sticks with people, even if and when the economy does start taking an upward cycle,” Franz said.

Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods professor and career counselor Todd Mick would view re-training for new careers as plus in a job candidate.

“Most people, to be honest with you, go back for re-training while they’re looking for a job and they use that re-training as a selling point to show how proactive they are,” Mick said. “That’s a powerful statement, ‘Look what I’m willing to do.’”  (Liberty Tribune)

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