Waynesville Online GED Successful, Nickels, School District Officials Affirm

Students drop out of high school without graduating for many reasons, but often learn later in life that their lack of a high school diploma is a serious barrier to personal and career success. That’s when the GED. or “general education development” test comes in.

For Waynesville, GED programs are coordinated by adult education teacher Adele Nickels, who said a recent move toward internet-based education may open up opportunities for students who can’t attend traditional adult classes.

“There is so much talk about distance learning and online learning across the nation and our program that what we have in Missouri might well be the program that a lot of schools will follow.,” Nickels told Waynesville R-VI School Board members at their August meeting. “I predict that in the future online distance learning will come at all levels and this program, I think, is so well designed that it might be a model for the future.”

Joe Petrich, Waynesville’s assistant superintendent for human resources, agreed.

“Our adult education literacy program operates primarily through state grant money; it reaches out to adults in this community as well as some adjoining communities with various educational opportunities for adults,” Petrich said. “One of our most successful outreaches recently has been an online GED program.” Read full story.

(Waynesville Daily Guide)

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