What College Will Be Like In 2023

Career College Central summary:

  • Ten years from now college might not look too different from the outside, but the learning experience students receive will probably be fundamentally different from the one they get today.
  • Over the next decade, technology may sweep away some of the most basic aspects of a university education and usher in a flood of innovations and changes. Look for online classes that let students learn at their own pace, drawing on materials from schools across the country — not just a single professor and a hefty textbook.
  • All those changes probably won't make a university education cheaper, but they will likely upend our perceptions about how we value it.
  • Here are four areas where you can expect to see major changes and one area where you probably won't:
  • The Classroom: In the near future, professors will run their courses over digital platforms capable of collecting data on each student's progress.
  • The Calendar: As more classes move partially or entirely online, the requirements of having a uniform start and end date diminish.
  • The Institution: More universities are making their courses available through online platforms such as Coursera and edX, and great lectures can be found on YouTube. Students are supplementing their own school's classes with online lectures from rock-star professors at other institutions.
  • The Textbook: The lucrative publishing industry that produced thick textbooks will quickly unravel as professors pick and choose the sections they like best and assemble their own course packs.

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